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Barndominium Plans and Prices – Texas Barndominium Plans

Seeking a unique home design that combines ample living space with rugged durability? Then barndominium plans could be the ideal option for your residential property or homestead. Blending elements of traditional barns and modern farmhouse style homes, barndominium provide flexible floor plans suited for both residential and commercial usage.

we’ll walk through everything you need to know about barndominium plans – from layouts and features to customization options, building considerations, and costs. Let’s explore how barndominium floor plans can create the perfect personalized dwelling!

What Defines a Barndominium?

A barndominium refers to a steel-framed barn-inspired structure designed with living quarters inside. Barndominium plans strategically incorporate interior walls, electrical, plumbing, insulation and finishes to transform portions of the barn into residential living areas while maintaining the feel and functionality of an actual barn.

Typical Barndominium Plans Layouts and Features 

Since barndominium blend residential home and barn elements, floor plans remain flexible to suit owners’ needs. Some typical barndominium layout features include:

  • Open concept kitchen, dining and living rooms
  • Enclosed master bedroom and bathroom
  • Loft space or upstairs bedrooms
  • Utility room with washer/dryer
  • Large garage-style doors 
  • Concrete floors with radiant heating
  • High ceilings with exposed beams 
  • Rustic and industrial accented décor 

The combination of warm, inviting living quarters with durable steel barn framing makes the barndominium style highly popular on ranches, farms, and large rural properties.

Customizing Barndominium Plans for Your Vision

One major perk of barndominium floor plans remains their flexibility. Since every property has unique requirements, builders can easily customize plans to accommodate specialized features like:

  • Commercial-grade kitchens
  • Expanded garage bays 
  • Multi-stall horse barns
  • Workshop spaces like wood shops
  • Art studios
  • Man caves
  • sheds

And much more!

Some people even opt for tiny home-style barndominium designs to minimize their environmental footprint. 

Essential Building Considerations

While barndominium plans allow creative liberties, adhering to core construction best practices ensures your building is sound:

  • Follow local codes for foundations and electrical
  • Engineer steel frame components to withstand snow, wind and seismic loads
  • Design energy-efficient building envelope with ample insulation rating
  • Incorporate thermal breaks to prevent condensation-related moisture issues
  • Install proper ventilation systems to manage humidity and air exchange
  • Utilize durable, low-maintenance finishes to handle barn environment 
  • Accommodate wiring, outlets and lighting for both commercial and residential usage

Getting familiar with structural engineering and materials requirements helps navigate cost tradeoffs for your personalized barndominium build.

What Do Barndominium Cost?

Since barndominium plans range widely in size and amenities, total costs follow suit. However, constructing the iconic steel barn frame costs around $20-$40 per square foot. Finishings for the interior living quarters add another $100-$200 per square foot. So for a moderately-sized 2,500 square foot barndominium, expect roughly $250,000-$500,000 total depending on customizations.

While not cheap, strategic barndominium plans maximize every hard-earned dollar through dual-purpose spaces accommodating both family living and small business potential.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. How big can I build a Barndominium? 

Barndominium only remain limited by property size and budget. Some span 5,000+ square feet on rural lands. Focus first on needs, then scale up or down accordingly.

2. Can I build a barndominium myself?

Homeowners with construction experience could frame basic structures, but involve structural engineers and electricians whenever possible, especially for foundations, loads calculations and wiring.

3. What are barndominium made of?

Steel I-beams comprise the structural framing while wood/timber, concrete block, stone and metal paneling suit the interior and exterior finishes.

4. How long do barndominium last?

Thanks to sturdy steel construction, they easily outlast traditional housing by 50-100 years when properly maintained.

5. How energy efficient are barndominium?

Including ample insulation levels and high-performance doors/windows ensures barndominium remain cost-effective to heat and cool.


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