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How to Activate Your OpenSky Credit Card Online?

The OpenSky Credit Card is an excellent option for building or rebuilding your credit from the ground up. With no credit check required for approval, OpenSky offers the chance to establish responsible card usage and payment history. After receiving your new OpenSky Secured Visa credit card in the mail, activation is required before making any transactions. Thankfully, OpenSky offers fast digital activation by verifying details online.

This guide will walk through the process of activating your physical OpenSky credit card via the account portal at openskycc.com/activate. Follow the steps below to quickly unlock access to your available credit so you can start using your OpenSky card right away!

Check Your Mail for Your OpenSky Credit Card

Check Your Mail for Your OpenSky Credit Card

Within 7-10 days after OpenSky approves your credit card application, they will mail out your physical card to the address given. Track this delivery timeframe closely and check your mailbox for an envelope from OpenSky containing your new card and other documentation needing review. Don’t throw any contents away yet.

Gather Account Details 

Gather Account Details 

With the envelope in hand, take out your new OpenSky credit card and have it readily available for reference. You will need to enter the following card details online when activating:   

– 16-Digit Card Number

– Expiration Date 

– 3-Digit Security Code

Ensure this information is handy before accessing the online activation portal next. Avoid losing or misplacing this sensitive data.

Go to OpenSkyCC.com/Activate  

Go to OpenSkyCC.com/Activate  

The OpenSky card activation page can be accessed at openskycc.com/activate using any internet-connected device and browser. This secure web portal allows you to unlock your new credit card digitally in just minutes from anywhere.

Enter Personal Information   

On the OpenSky activation site, you will need to enter identifying details about the approved account to verify identity conclusively:

– Full Name

– Input the 16-digit Card Number

– Expiration Date

– 3-Digit Security Code 

– Social Security Number  

Follow all input instructions closely when submitting this sensitive criteria prior to clicking the “Activate My Card” button. Ensure everything matches your documents exactly to avoid problems.

Set Up Online Account Access   

After identity confirmation, OpenSky allows setting up personalized access to their online account portal directly:

1. Establish secure login credentials   

2. Access eStatements and customize alerts

3. Enable autopay options for automatic payments  

4. Manage preferences for account notifications 

Having an online banking profile makes managing your OpenSky credit card easier for monitoring activity, checking statements, handling payments and more!

Download the Mobile App

For added convenience, download the OpenSky mobile app for your iOS or Android device. Connect your activated credit card to enable useful features like:

– Contactless payments with digital wallet access   

– Secure login using fingerprint or face ID  

– Spending tracker tools and balance alerts

– Instant notifications for enhanced security

Start Enjoying Your OpenSky Credit Card!

With quick card activation completed, destroy any temporary shopping passes previously provided. Expect delivery of the physical card within 5-7 total business days. But immediately take advantage of your digitally activated OpenSky credit card through the mobile app or online account portal!


Activating a new credit card using the card issuer’s online portal has become the standard process for unlocking access to funds and transaction ability. Following OpenSky’s easy web-based activation process digitally links your account securely in just minutes. Now you can begin using your OpenSky card responsibly to build credit from the ground up.


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