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How to Activate Your ENT Debit Card Online?

ENT Credit Union is a full-service financial institution serving Colorado and Arizona that offers exceptional rates and fees on checking accounts, savings products, mortgages, auto loans, and more. If you recently became an ENT member and opened a new checking account, you would have received an ENT debit card by mail for accessing your funds. But before you can start using your ENT Credit Union debit card for purchases or ATM withdrawals, you need to activate it first. 

Activating your physical ENT debit card is a crucial step to unlock full functionality and linking it to your chosen checking account. Thankfully, ENT Credit Union makes it fast and easy to activate debit cards online through their portal at ent.com/activate. This step-by-step guide will explain how to fully activate your new ENT debit card digitally in just minutes.

Check Your Mail for the ENT Debit Card

Check Your Mail for the ENT Debit Card

Soon after opening a checking account with ENT Federal Credit Union and placing your debit card order, ENT will mail out your physical debit card to the verified address provided. This usually arrives within 10 business days via standard USPS mail. Check your mailbox carefully each day during the expected delivery window for the letter from ENT containing your debit card and other account materials. Don’t throw anything away when it arrives.

Gather Details to Prepare for Activation  

With the ENT debit card envelope now in hand, carefully open it and take out the following items:

– The ENT Visa Debit Card  

– Printed Terms and Conditions

– Quick Reference Guide 

– Account Disclosures

Be sure to have your new physical debit card readily available as you’ll need to reference the printed card number, expiration date, and security code off the back to activate it online shortly. 

Go to the ENT.com/Activate Page : ENT Credit Union

Go to the ENT.com/Activate Page : ENT Credit Union

The next step is to visit ENT’s debit card activation page online. This can be accessed from any internet-connected device by going to ent.com/activate in your browser. This will open the secure activation portal to unlock and manage your ENT debit card digitally.

Enter the Required Card Details  

On the activate page, you will be prompted to enter specific identifying details from your physical ENT debit card in order to verify identity and eligibility:

– The full printed debit card number  

– The card expiration date

– The 3-digit CVV security code from back

Follow all input instructions closely on the page when submitting this sensitive verifying criteria to avoid any activation issues.  

Set Up Online & Mobile Account Access

With your card now activated on ENT’s systems, take a moment to set up digital account management access as well:

1. Download the ENT CU mobile application on your smart device  

2. Establish secure online banking login credentials   

3. Access eStatements enrollment for paperless records

4. Set up custom alerts and notifications to monitor account activity

Having your ENT account linked across online and mobile banking makes accessing your activated debit card, checking funds, and features quick and convenient for daily usage needs.

Call with Activation Questions

Call with Activation Questions

If you encounter any problems activating your new ENT Federal Credit Union debit card online or have additional questions, don’t hesitate to call their dedicated support line at (800)-525-9623. Specially trained ENT member service reps are available 24/7 to assist with verifying identity, accessing new accounts or resolving any issues.

Start Using Your Newly Activated ENT Debit Card!  

With this complete walkthrough guide detailing steps to digitally activate your physical ENT debit card through ent.com/activate, you can now confidently start using it for purchases and ATM access! Be sure to take advantage of ENT’s online account tools for self-service convenience as well. Happy spending!


Verifying identity digitally to activate debit and credit cards instantly has become the standard process across top financial institutions like ENT Credit Union. Following the easy online activation process outlined above takes just minutes but is crucial for unlocking access to your checking funds through the ENT debit card now linked to your account. Contact ENT at any time for assistance as you enjoy full access to member financial services.


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